Designed for the new specifications at Post 16 and KS4

Every year we run our Using Practitioners INSET Day where teachers from across the country come to our Muswell Hill venue to explore and experience techniques and exercises to help them deliver the practitioner components of their specification. This year you will be able to explore 2 practitioners in a day which will give you a solid practical grounding aiding you in the delivery of the new specifications at A level and GCSE.

Our next INSET will be on:

Thursday the 10th of November 2022

Exploring ways into devising and text using

Stanislavski, Mitchell and Brecht

The day will focus on creating devised theatre and working with text using exercises from Stanislavski | Mitchell to create truthful characters, and Brecht to stylise and structure the drama using movement, voice and space.

The sessions are designed so you get up on your feet and experience exercises on a practitioner that you would then be able to use in the studio the next day. Within the day there will be time to evaluate how you use the exercises at the different key stages and to fulfil new specification requirements at A level and GCSE.

You will explore a series of exercises designed to help students to create imaginative and innovative devised theatre with truthful, believable characters in a stylised setting.

We both found the day extremely useful, nay excellent. Plenty of material to go away with and begin working on with the students, indeed put some into practise straight away on Friday! Good combination of theory and practical work, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and reflect on the experience. Felt both sessions were an ideal introduction for us as practitioners. Loved the Stanislavski stuff on actioning, made it so much clearer than reading about it and of course much more sense doing it practically.

Head of Drama Westminster College

At the end of the day you will receive a copy of Theatre in Practice the post 16 Routledge textbook written by the INSET workshop leaders. The day allows you as teachers to experience the exercises on the different practitioners so when you start to teach these exercises you have a working knowledge of what your students will be experiencing.

The session will be held at a venue in Muswell Hill, North London. For the last session we had teachers attending from across the country including Manchester, Leicester and Birmingham.

The day is priced at £275 with a free copy of Theatre in Practice and lunch, refreshments provided.

CPD Sessions

We run CPD sessions for teachers on all key practitioners and theatre skills. The CPD sessions are designed to support your work in the studio, to offer a series of new ideas and to give clear guidance on how different areas of the specifications at A level and GCSE can be explored practically.

A number of our CPD sessions are with groups of teachers from different schools that have got together to share ideas, practice and the cost. If you are interested in having a Drama teacher CPD in your area just contact us and we will get in touch with the schools in your area to see if they would like to join in on the session.