Written to work alongside our workshops we have 2 books available Stanislavski in Practice and Theatre in Practice. Both books are published by Routledge and have been used by students and teachers across the world.

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A very useful, detailed approach to Stanislavski suitable for students at KS5.
Ali Warren, Teaching Drama
A wild success – the writing is clear, and the solid, down-to-earth exercises unravel the ‘mystery’ of Stanislavski.
E. C. Skiles; Lone Star College-Kingwood, Choice Magazine
Your Stanislavski book is like a bible to me.
Haymie Thakar, Head of Performing Arts, Uxbridge College, UK
Stanislavski in Practice provides so many useful exercises with clear objectives, I can pick and choose which ones I want to use during class. Stanislavski’s technique is so large and comprehensive it can be overwhelming unless broken into discrete pieces, which this book does beautifully.
Anne Penner University of Denver Theatre Faculty
I have loved using Theatre in Practice – I have found it really useful and a fantastic resource.
Tim Wagg, Head of Drama, Abbott Beyne School, UK
It is all very practical and every page has side boxes containing additional snippets of information, boxed text and short sections so there is nothing dense, heavy, or over theoretical about any of it. The photographs are helpful too and I learned a large number of new-to-me technical terms from the glossary. I think this book could work very well to support the student as an adjunct to what’s happening in class – a course textbook, if you like.
Susan Elkin, The Stage
Outstanding … this DVD will take practical approaches to Stanislavski to a whole new level.
Alan Perks, Chief Examiner, Edexcel A Level
A clear, interesting and useful introduction to Stanislavski’s techniques for releasing the actor.
Sarah Lambie, Teaching Drama

Stanislavski in Practice now in it’s second edition, is an unparalleled step-by-step guide to Stanislavski’s System. Author Nick O’Brien makes this cornerstone of acting accessible to teachers and students alike.

The book is used by students, actors and theatre teachers at post 16 and undergraduate level. Stanislavski in Practice supports both the theatre teacher and student as they practically explore the system.

Features include:

  • Step by step guide for actors to create a character
  • Practical extension work for students to take away from the lesson
  • Notes for teachers on how to use material with different age groups
  • Exam tips for students based on specific syllabi requirements
  • A chapter dedicated to using Stanislavski when rehearsing a text
  • A glossary of terms that students of the System will encounter

Theatre in Practice provides students with all of the ‘must have’ Drama skills required for A-Level, International Baccalaureate, BTEC and beyond. Practical, step-by-step exercises and diagrams give access to the key figures and processes central to drama, including:

  • Stanislavski, Brecht, Lecoq, Artaud and Berkoff
  • devising theatre
  • rehearsing and performing monologues and duologues
  • how to approach directing a play
  • improvising

Each chapter offers advice for both students and teachers, with notes and follow-on exercises ideal for individual study and practice. Theatre in Practice is a thorough and imaginative resource that speaks directly to students.


Stanislavski in Practice – The Film (Part One) brings the Stanislavski System fully to life for the first time, with over 100 minutes of footage. The film follows a group of seven acting students as they are introduced to the System. Guided by Nick O’Brien, the students undertake a complete course in the System, including:

  • Imagination
  • Physical tensions
  • Free body
  • Communication
  • Natural silences
  • Tempo-rhythm
  • Movement and awareness

Each area is explored practically and clearly, with exercises based on those used by Stanislavski in Moscow. As a close companion to O’Brien’s book for school students, Stanislavski in Practice, this DVD focusses on each student’s process of observing, experiencing and learning, as well as on the teacher’s instruction. It provides an invaluable alternative or supplement to reading the book and practicing the exercises in class, in a workshop or at home.

As a step-by-step guide to working with Stanislavski’s System, this is an unparalleled package of resources for anyone looking to become a better actor.